Tuesday, October 21, 2014

ARIZONA UPDATE: Natl Democratic AG Association - Playing Catch-Up - Drops $440K More In Anti-Brnovich Ads (FOLLOWING MONEY IN ARIZONA'S POLITICS)

(URGENT UPDATE, 10/21 at 6:45pm: RAGA has amended its IRS filing in response to Arizona's Politics article and inquiry, to reflect that APS has *only* contributed $175,000 to its effort in the Arizona AG's race. Full details here.)

The national Democratic Attorneys General Association ("DAGA") just spent another $440,000 on TV ads pounding Mark Brnovich, the Republican nominee for Arizona Attorney General.

The filing comes one day after Arizona's Politics' articles about how DAGA was being massively outraised and outspent by its GOP counterpart - nationally and in Arizona.  The articles note how much of the Republican Attorneys General Association ("RAGA") advantage is built on $6.1M from dark money organizations, and the Arizona spend is partly underwritten by $175,000 from Arizona utility APS. (amount corrected, see 10/21 6:45pm urgent update)

The Arizona buy to support Democratic nominee Felecia Rotellini totals $418,295 in ad time and $21,584 in production costs.  Currently, DAGA's Arizona arm, the Grand Canyon Committee for Justice and Fairness, is running a week-old ad focusing on Brnovich's past employment as a lobbyist for the private prison firm Corrections Corporation of America.

RAGA also filed with the Secretary of State yesterday that it has spent another $39,000 on its fourth mailer hammering Rotellini.

RAGA's spending is now over $1.8M in Arizona; DAGA's is $727K (with another $450K from union-backed Revitalize Arizona).

RAGA deposited $2.5M in its Arizona account on September 4; DAGA waited until after September 16 to transfer money to GCCJF, so its budget will not be disclosed until next week.

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