Tuesday, October 7, 2014

FIRST RE-WATCH: Rogers Campaign Re-Releases Ad Without Foley Beheading Video; Now Can Concentrate On Substance

The Wendy Rogers campaign removed a clip from the notorious James Foley beheading video today, re-releasing the ad attacking Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D-CD9) late this afternoon.

Attention can now shift to the substance of the attacks against the incumbent.  Arizona's Politics will update this article momentarily with text of the amendments cited in the ad.

Text of ad (supplied by Rogers campaign):
"Terrorist threats are growing. Are we secure? Are we protected?

"Keeping us safe and secure is Congress' job. Kyrsten Sinema hasn't done her job.

"Sinema voted in Congress to give terrorists full legal rights under the Constitution.

"Sinema voted in Congress to allow Guantanamo terrorists to return to their countries.

"It's true. It's wrong.

"Kyrsten Sinema allowed her liberal agenda to get in the way of our safety."
The "give terrorists full legal rights under the Constitution" claim comes from a May vote on an amendment.  Here is the text of that amendment (click to enlarge):

The amendment failed, despite 15 Republicans - including Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar (R-CD4) - voting in favor of it.

The vote "to allow Guantanamo terrorists to return to their countries" came in a June vote.  Here is the text of that amendment:

As the Republican sponsor of the amendment explains (at the link), this was only a one-year pause on transferring Gitmo detainees to other countries.  Sinema voted against this amendment (which passed the House.

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