Thursday, October 16, 2014

COMPARISON: Kirkpatrick and Tobin Campaign Finances, With New Reports; Incumbent Spends 8X State House Speaker Challenger, Still Has $450,000 Advantage

Pending a deeper dive into the financial reports filed yesterday, Arizona's Politics presents a summary comparison of the new FEC reports filed yesterday by Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D-CD1) and GOP nominee Andy Tobin.  (The comparative snapshots on the FEC's website are glitching.)

Rep. Kirkpatrick continued to outraise, outspend, and out-bank Tobin in the third quarter.  On October 1, Tobin's campaign's bank account was down to $376,424, while Kirkpatrick retained $820,115.

The cash on hand disparity was that great even though Kirkpatrick had spent more than 8 times as much as Tobin between August 7 and September 30. ($1,163,487 to $144,927)

Kirkpatrick raised $628,133 during the 7 1/2 week period, while Tobin collected $439,190.

As Arizona's Politics continues to emphasize, the importance of the candidate's campaigns - and, their financial disparities - shrinks in districts where outside spending (IE's) is flooding into the election.  #AZ01 is among the most competitive districts in the nation.

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