Thursday, October 2, 2014

As the Sheriff Arpaio Turnstiles Turn: My Supporters Should Go See "The Joe Show"! Uhhh, Maybe Not, It's "Garbage"!

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has seemed to enjoy the national build-up of the documentary "The Joe Show", focused on his 23+ year stint as Maricopa County's Sheriff.  He was more than cooperative in the making of the not-always-flattering film, and has even flown to LA and posed with Hollywood characters to help promote it when it was screened at the Beverly Hills Film Festival.

And today, on the eve of it being widely shown to his Phoenix-area voters and potential voters, he took to Twitter to urge his supporters to go check it out, too.  Within an hour, he deleted that Tweet and told his 58,000 Twitter followers that it is "garbage."

(SIDEBAR: Arpaio Continues 2016 Reelection Fundraising At Prodigious Clip Through 2014 Campaign)

Here are the details on the original Tweet, which we unfortunately were not able to screenshot (either our Arpaio alert system failed and/or I was busy with other work):
"The documentary "The Joe Show" debuts today in Tempe and Arrowhead. Ask me ? A movie only my critics will love. Hope supporters attend too"
2:52pm - 2 Oct 14
Here is the replacement Tweet:

(Don't worry, we DO have a screenshot of the 2nd one, in case he again changes his mind.)

The unfortunate thing is that documentary maker Randy Murray told Arizona's Politics recently that he believed that the Sheriff had been so cooperative with the screenings is that Arpaio understands that the message of the film is not so much about him but about the bigger picture of society, and the interesting relationship between personalities and the media.

(SIDEBAR: Arpaio Continues 2016 Reelection Fundraising At Prodigious Clip Through 2014 Campaign)

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