Wednesday, October 22, 2014

FIRST WATCH: American Action Network Goes Multi-Platform With New $800K Ad Buys Accusing Rep. Kirkpatrick Of Throwing Tantrums; #50ShadesOfDarkMoney

The Karl Rove-linked American Action Network disclosed this evening that it spent $802,000 this week to oppose Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D-CD1). The ads will run on a number of platforms - including Phoenix TV, digital, and mobile.

The major expenditure aiding GOP nominee Andy Tobin comes less than two weeks after news reports started indicating that Republicans might be shifting more attention away from Arizona's other toss-up district, the Barber-McSally battle in #AZ02, and towards #AZ01.

AAN, led by former Republican Senator Norm Coleman and linked with Karl Rove's Crossroads entities, has now spent $840K in the Kirkpatrick/Tobin race, and $503K in the Barber/McSally contest.  (However, the Phoenix TV market is more costly than the Tucson TV market.)

Here is the new "Tantrums" ad, portraying Kirkpatrick as casting votes (on Republican measures) out of spite.  (For some reason, the ad is not listed on AAN's YouTube channel; however, Arizona's Politics was able to locate it.):


AAN is a 501(c )(4 ) social welfare organization that does not disclose its donors.  A number of "grant recipients" have reported receiving money from AAN in IRS filings.

AAN receives a dark gray shade of 45 on Arizona's Politics' #50ShadesOfDarkMoney scale.

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