Saturday, September 3, 2016

BREAKING/READ: Federal Case Stemming From Maricopa County's Mega-Long Lines In March Presidential Election May Be Nearing Settlement; Supervisors To Meet On Issue Wednesday

Arizona, Maricopa County and a coalition of Democratic interests may be close to resolving part of the federal lawsuit stemming from the disastrously-long lines (in Maricopa County) in March's Presidential Preference Election.

State Elections Director Eric Spencer tweeted on Friday that the Democrats' attorneys - the national firm of Perkins Coie - was "walk(ing) away" from the polling place allocations issue because they were "headed to certain defeat".

The tweet was made during a 2-hour hearing, at which time U.S. District Judge Douglas Rayes took the motion for a preliminary injunction under advisement.

Earlier in the week, the Plaintiffs and the Maricopa County Defendants filed a "Joint Motion Regarding Possibility of Settlement..." regarding polling place locations, stating that the Board of Supervisors was not going to be able to meet before yesterday's hearing. (The Joint Motion is published below.)

Yesterday afternoon, the Board of Supervisors posted their agenda for a meeting to take place this coming Wednesday morning (Sept. 7). The polling places for the November general election are not on the Agenda, but the proposed settlement could be discussed in Executive Session.

The Plaintiffs (including the DNC, the DSCC, the Clinton and the Kirkpatrick campaigns, and individuals) and Plaintiff-Intervenors (Bernie Sanders' campaign) have raised additional issues in the legal action that do not appear to be close to resolution, including restricting enforcement of Arizona's new law prohibiting what is euphemistically known as "ballot harvesting" - the delivery of early, mail-in ballots to elections officials by groups not related to the people who voted the ballots.

Added at 12:35pm, partial PACER docket. Last entry shows (barebones info from) Friday hearing.

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