Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Donald Trump Needs YOU! Help Him Better Prepare For 2nd Debate (Please!)

He has not blamed YOU  for his debate performance (yet!), but GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump is again asking you to step up your game and help him prepare for the next debate against Dem nominee Hillary Clinton.

Arizona's Politics wrote about Trump's request before the 1st debate. We even gave you a link to click on. ("BREAKING: Donald Trump IS Preparing For Monday's Debate; New Info On How (Semi-Exclusive)")

Enough of us did give him advice (which he likely forgot about when his microphone was fritzing) that he decided to give us a second chance. Again, here is the link.

Like the previous time, you have some difficult questions to advise him on. In fact, a few of the questions appear to be carry-overs. (Maybe he will listen to you this time.)

In his personalized email (below), Trump writes that he needs our help immediately because "debate preparation is already underway" (phew) and "we can't leave anything to chance."

So, what are you waiting for? Advise him already. (Past performance not indicative of future performance.)


The next debate against Hillary Clinton is just 11 days away. I need your immediate feedback from the first debate in order to win the second one.

Please take the TRUMP Debate Preparation Survey now. >>

The race is close. We can’t leave anything up to chance.

But because you got me to where I stand today, I’m turning to you.

This is your moment to help shape the direction of the presidential race, and ultimately the direction of our country.

Debate preparation is already underway, so you’ll need to get your input in immediately.

Arizona's, I want your honest input. I cannot win this fight alone.

Please take the TRUMP Debate Preparation Survey now. >> 

Thank you,

Donald J. Trump
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