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And, Could You Please Backdate That Check? Antenori Sends E-mail, But Asking FOR Money, Not DISCLOSING It

What the heck is going on at the Frank Antenori For Congress (CD8-turning-into-CD2) campaign? He promises (the Star) to e-mail out his AWOL campaign finance report, but does not.  Then - at least in Arizona's Politics' e-mail inbox - comes an e-mail this afternoon.  However, it is ASKING FOR money, not telling us HOW MUCH HE RAISED AND SPENT ALREADY. (e-mail text below the jump)

Maybe, he is hoping to bolster the totals that he needed to report to the FEC by last Thursday (April 5).

Not only has he failed to file ANY paperwork with the FEC, but he has not even been able to keep his own campaign website updated.  His fundraising e-mail this afternoon features several links to his "donate" page.  The "donate" page tells the reader that the special primary election "is expected to be in late April or early May."  (Perhaps therein lies his timing problems.)  Even one of his Twitter pages - used several times this week - notes that he is "EXPLORING A POSSIBLE RUN". 

For the most experienced candidate in the Republican primary for the special election (which is scheduled for next Tuesday, by the way), one would think Sen. Antenori - and his spokesman, (fmr. Exec. Dir. of AZ GOP) Brett Mecum - would know the importance of filing paperwork on time and keeping things up-to-date.

(click below for e-mail text)

 Only Antenori can beat Ron Barber and the Democrats know it
Antenori for Congress <>(Add as Preferred Sender) 
Date:Mon, Apr 09, 2012 4:31 pm


Only Antenori can beat Ron Barber and the Democrats know it.

Frank Antenori is the only candidate capable of beating Democrat Ron Barber and 
stopping the Pelosi/Grijalva/Wasserman-Schultz stampede on CD8. Results matter. 
Antenori has seen communism and terrorism up close and personal, looked it in the
eye and stopped it.

DONATE $250, $100, or $50 []


The liberal media clearly hates Antenori, relentlessly attacking him in the papers
and on TV. The Liberals always reveal who they fear the most and they clearly fear
Frank Antenori as the only candidate who has both the depth of knowledge and the
experience to take on Ron Barber and the Democrat machine.

Antenori is the only candidate in this election who has beaten the Democrats and
who has the widespread independent voter support necessary to win the CD8 special

The Democrat Party wants Jesse Kelly. Jeff Rodgers, Pima County Democrat Party Chairman
stunningly admitted to putting money into the 2010 Republican Primary to "push it
(election) over to Kelly". They beat Kelly once and they will do it again. They 
will use the same plan, the same ads, and the same footage to once again defeat 
Jesse Kelly. Kelly was run over by the machine once and they will run him over again.
Kelly will get you a Democrat in CD8.

AZPM Roundtable 03 23 12 Edit []

Martha McSally is a moderate. AZ Daily Stars most infamous Marxist cartoonist, David
Fitzsimmons, blatantly shows his support of McSally with a cartoon depicting her
as the only non-Rush Limbaugh (conservative) in the race. The democrats happily
embrace her bi-partisan, reach across the aisle (capitulatory) mentality, the same
mentality that got us the current 15 trillion dollar debt. McSally will get you 
a Democrat in CD8.

The Tucson "GOP establishment" has anointed Dave Sitton as their candidate because
Antenori is "too conservative." Where have we seen this movie before? Another election,
with another milquetoast, establishment backed candidate with large amounts of money,
who will still get trounced by the Democrats.

CD8 has lacked aggressive representation for far too long. Elect the real conservative.
Elect the conservative the left fears because he will not back down. Vote for Frank



Conservative results accomplished by Senator Antenori.

* Voted for the Arizona Health Care Freedom Act to opt-out of Obama Care. Giving
every Arizonan the right to refuse to buy into the largest socialist program in 
the history of the United States. Currently before the US Supreme Court.
* Defends the Arizona border. Voted for SB1070. Fighting illegal-immigration and
standing up to Janet Napolitano's failure to secure our borders. Currently before
the US Supreme Court.
* Voted for and sponsored major regulatory reductions that helped small businesses
expand and create jobs.
* Has already reduced the size of government 15%.

* Took on the labor unions, stopping their assault on Arizona taxpayers.
* 2011 Hero of the Taxpayer - Americans For Prosperity
* 2011 National Federation of Independent Businesses - Guardian of Small Business
* 2011 Tucson Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce - Spirit of Business Award
* 2011 AZ Manufacturers Council - Senator of the Year
* 2011 AZ Sportsmen for Wildlife - Legislator of the Year
* 2011 Advocate of the Year - AZ Game and Fish Commission
* 2011 Unified Arizona Veterans - Copper Shield Award for protecting Arizona veterans
* 2011 U.S. Department of Defense - Certificate of Appreciation for leadership on
public policy changes positively impacting the quality of life of Service members
and their families.

Full Az. Illustrated episode can be found at:

Link to cartoon:

Complete list of Franks awards can be viewed at:


Onward to Victory,

Frank Antenori

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