Monday, April 9, 2012

Did AZ GOP Party Just Spend Itself Back Into Red Attacking Ron Barber?

Earlier today, Arizona's Politics reported that the Arizona Republican party had just spent $47,000 producing and sending out a direct mail piece attacking certain Democratic nominee Ron Barber in the special election to replace the now-retired Gabrielle Giffords (D-CD8-turning-into-CD2).  While waiting for a copy of the mailer and responses from various parties, Arizona's Politics decided to revisit the financial fortunes of the Arizona Republican Party.

The Arizona Republican Party has had its financial problems in the past, and as recently as three months ago, (12/31/11) was reporting being in the red (defined as debts owed greater than cash on hand).  Two months later (2/29/12), the most recent report filed with the FEC showed that cash on hand was $113,768.08, with debts of $88,840.53.  By that simple calculation, that shows the AZ GOP in the black by $24,927.55.

If the party had treaded water (contributions matching expenditures) between then and now, the party is once again in the red.  Now, certainly, a lot could have changed between February 29 and April 4.  Many donations could have come in, some of the debts could have been resolved.  The party is required to file monthly reports with the FEC and another one should be coming out shortly.

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