Thursday, April 12, 2012

QUESTIONS ABOUND: Antenori's Deficit Spending, AZ GOP's (Deficit?) Spending Spree

In the course of the last several days, Arizona's Politics has tried to break and move forward several stories.  In so doing, questions arise.  When that happens, the journalist juices start flowing, and we make phone calls or send e-mails.  Or, both.  However, due to the too-small-(for now)-to-nail-'em nature of this blog (and the fact that this is still a spare-time endeavor among my real world obligations), it is often hard to get responses from people or campaigns that are already feeling the squirm, anyway.

The following questions have all either been asked and not answered by principles, or arise naturally from the stories.  Perhaps posting these here will prompt some answers.  Perhaps some readers (like YOU!) will also ask them, adding to the likelihood that they will be answered.  Perhaps they will prompt some additional questions, which you can feel free to share in the comments below (or, by e-mail).  Think of this as open-sourcing the reporting process a bit.



Re: Arizona GOP vs. Ron Barber
1)  Where did the $111,000+ for the pre-primary attacks on certain-Democratic nominee Ron Barber come from?  You had just creeped back into the black and it is hard to believe that this costly IE campaign was not funded from elsewhere.
2)  Why use inside the Beltway firms for the mailer and the calls when there are plenty of local firms who can and do do this sort of thing?  Doesn't this point back to the first question about outside funding sources?

Re: Antenori vs. Antenori
1)   How does a campaign bank account actually go into negative numbers?  There are ways to report unpaid bills, there are ways to report loans.  However, according to the ledger - and the reports - there were no debts and no loans.

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