Monday, April 9, 2012


While the four Republicans hammer each other in advance of next week's special primary election to replace the retired Gabrielle Giffords (D-CD8), the Arizona Republican Party is going on the offensive for the June general.  Last week, the state party launched an independent expenditure campaign direct mailer targeting certain Democratic nominee, Ron Barber.

The AZ GOP spent a total of $47,000 (actually, $46,966.56) last week producing and mailing the piece opposing Barber - who used to be Giffords' Chief of Staff.  Nearly $35,000 was spent on postage alone on April 3rd and 4th.

Candidates had to file their pre-primary financial reports on April 5, and Barber had vastly out-raised (and under-spent) the Republicans engaged in a primary battle.  This IE mailer goes a little of the way towards evening that out, but also ensures that Barber does not completely coast into the two-month general election battle without any arrows being shot at him.

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Anonymous said...

The GOP may be reputatable, however,'s credibility is in question. Their hate mail and hate phone calls for a Democrat running for Congress is just hateful. The corespondances I received from them, state who not to vote for within my district, while is located in Phoenix, not my district. I do not vote against candidates, I vote for candidates with a purposes and a goals meeting the needs of our district. is pushing my voting decision away from all Republicans candidates as I have yet to hear anything positive from them.

Republicans, I urge you to support and vote republican, and not vote for anti-Democrats spreading hateful messages.