Sunday, April 29, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: National Republicans Drop $300,000 Bomb On Tucson Going Negative On Ron Barber (FOLLOWING MONEY IN ARIZONA'S POLITICS)

The National Republican Congressional Committee has dropped its first money bomb onto the special election campaign between Jesse Kelly and Ron Barber, spending nearly $300,000 for media and "survey research".

The independent expenditure filing was electronically filed with the FEC (Federal Election Commission) on Saturday, and breaks down the $295,796.13 spent with three different beltway companies.  $265,500 was given to National Media Research Planning & Placement for "media", another $15,296.13 was paid to Revolution Media Group for "media", and $15,000 was disbursed to The Tarrance Group for "survey research".  The NRCC had the choice of indicating whether the expenditures were "supporting Kelly" or "opposing Barber"; the latter was chosen, indicating that the ads are likely all or predominantly negative.  No ad is yet posted on the NRCC's website or YouTube channel.  (If you find a link or see the ad(s), please e-mail Arizona's Politics with details.)

The state Republican Party has already spent more than $125,000 in an independent expenditure campaign attacking the Democratic nominee.  They have declined to indicate where the money for the campaign has come from, but it may also be from the national party organizations.

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