Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WANTED: Copy Of Mailer AZ GOP Sent To CD8 Voters

On Monday, Arizona's Politics reported on the Arizona Republican Party possibly spending itself into the red to mail a negative piece to voters in CD8 targeting certain Democratic nominee Ron Barber.

Although the Arizona Star today published a report on the mailer, with details of the attacks and a response from the Barber campaign, we have yet to see a copy of the mailer.  Arizona's Politics has requested it from both the AZ GOP and the Barber campaign; now, we are appealing to the readers of this blog to locate it and e-mail it to info-at-ArizonasPolitics-dot-com.

A request for anonymity will be respected, but we would also like to try to ascertain what kind of voters the mailer was sent to.  Thanks for your help!

We welcome your comments about this post. Or, if you have something unrelated on your mind, please e-mail to info-at-arizonaspolitics-dot-com or call 602-799-7025. Thanks.

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