Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Disbarred County Atty Andrew Thomas: Supreme Court Justices Can't Be Impartial; I'll Continue To Hunt the Real Corrupt Ones

Former Maricopa County Attorney and disbarred attorney Andrew Thomas announced this afternoon that he will not appeal the disbarment order to the Arizona Supreme Court.  He declared that the Justices could not possibly be impartial and would just "rubberstamp the railroad job".  He also blamed the County Board of Supervisors for deciding not to reimburse Thomas' attorneys for handling an appeal.  http://bit.ly/JYfyt9:

"I have decided not to appeal the ruling that took my law license. My accusers, the Board of Supervisors, once again have fired my lawyers, ensuring I cannot properly defend myself or my anti-corruption efforts. Also, because of the extensive relationships between the Supreme Court and the judges and officials I've sued or prosecuted, the court cannot possibly be impartial and will only rubberstamp the railroad job I have just been through."
"Though I have suffered a grave injustice, this sacrifice was not in vain. I promise, before God and my community, to seek reforms so that the powerful and corrupt are no longer above the law."

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Phoenix Justice said...

Andy, it might just be time you checked yourself into a mental health facility. I think you seriously need some help. Then again, since you are unemployed, Arizona might not be the best place for you to get that help.