Tuesday, October 7, 2014

UPDATED:: New $1/2M Dark Money Ad To Prevent Kennedy From Returning To Arizona Corporation Commission (#50ShadesOfDarkMoney)

(Updated, 10/8, 10:40am: Save Our Future Now filed an additional spending report this morning, adding a $14,000 expenditure for producing the TV ad.  The total spend has been adjusted in the opening paragraph.  The ad is scheduled to begin airing today.  SOFN also disclosed that it spent $3,600 on signs supporting Forese and Little.)

"Save Our Future Now", the dark money group that helped draw national attention to the GOP primary for two Arizona Corporation Commission seats, is stepping into the general election battle Wednesday with its one of its biggest TV ad buys yet - a $467,000 campaign to prevent Democrat Sandra Kennedy from returning to the ACC.

While an online version of the ad has not yet been located, the 501(c )(4) social welfare group filed with the Secretary of State that they shelled out $400,000 for the ad on October 6.  Meanwhile, TV stations in Phoenix and Tucson have filed ad buys in their FCC files, indicating market purchases of $303,000 and $150,606, respectively.  (The math does not add up - even if the $400k is a net price, SOFN still would be paying the full $453,606.)

SOFN, and the Arizona Free Enterprise Club, backed the eventual GOP nominees Tom Forese and Doug Little. SOFN ran several hundred thousand dollars of ads in August.

The new SOFN ad appears to leave alone the 2nd Democratic nominee, Jim Holway.


Save Our Future Now is as dark a shade of dark money that Arizona's Politics has yet profiled.  On the 50 Shades scale, with 0 being light, SOFN scores a dark 45.

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Jon said...

Dark money from APS and out side AZ to make sure big coal/gas corporations and stock holders, NOT rate payers or the ordinary citizens benefit from new solar, wind, and other renewable technologies.