Thursday, May 29, 2014

$4.2 Million - National Democrats Reserve Record Amount Of Arizona Airtime Defending Arizona Congressional Seats (FOLLOWING MONEY IN ARIZONA'S POLITICS)

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee ("DCCC") is ready to commit 10% of its national fall TV budget to defending Arizona's three imperiled Democratic Representatives.  In reserving $4.2 Million in TV time in the Tucson and Phoenix markets, the DCCC is nearly matching the $4.8 Million they spent in Arizona for the entire 2012 campaign.

The breakdown:

--In CD1, the DCCC reserved $2.2M to attack Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick's Republican opponent. In 2012, it spent $2.0M on the campaign.
--In CD2, $700,000 of Tucson airtime has been reserved to attack Rep. Ron Barber's opponent - likely, Martha McSally.  Last election, the DCCC spent $818,000 attacking McSally.
--In CD9 - which has been the quietest of the three swing seats so far - $2.0M is reserved to attack Rep. Kyrsten Sinema's opponent. It *only* spent $1.3M in 2012.

The only other stretch run ad time reservation that has become public so far is from the Democrat-philic House Majority PAC, which has staked out $1M in Phoenix and Tucson airtime.

(2012 expenditures gleaned from, 2014 reservation amounts from

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