Thursday, May 1, 2014

THIS JUST IN: UPDATES On Gallego Fundraiser, FCC Complaint Vs. Phoenix TV Station, Arpaio Fundraising

The phone and the email box have been buzzing today, and we have received responses to all three of our articles (and inquiries) that are worthy of updating.

1) "READ: National Campaign Watchdog Groups File FCC Complaint Vs. Phoenix TV Station For Allowing Outside Spenders To Hide; Possible Defense: "But, EVERYBODY Does It!"

 KNXV ABC15 told Arizona's Politics late this afternoon that they have received and reviewed the FCC Complaints.  Carolyn Pione Micheli, the Vice President for Corporate Communications at parent company Scripps, went on to say, "Our station KMGH in Denver was involved as well.  We think we’ve followed the proper procedures to disclose the source of the online advertising. But of course we’ll address any perceived deficiencies according to FCC regulations."

As this update is being written, KNXV is going through their files and uploading new NAB forms and "Federal Station Issue Advertising Request Sheets" on most of the political ads they have run this year.  The one that prompted Arizona's Politics' interest in April - the Legacy Foundation Action Fund ads attacking Gubernatorial candidate Scott Smith for the actions of the U.S. Conference of Mayors - has not yet been supplemented.  But, here is the mostly-blank NAB form that KNXV received from LFAF and filed on April 3.

As noted earlier, ALL of the stations accept and file these undisclosing disclosures.  The LFAF one was particularly egregious for its blanks and because it came from a new group that STILL does not have its officers listed.

Arizona's Politics has taken the unusual step of challenging KNXV, KPNX (Channel 12, which was the first to file the LFAF form) and the other Arizona television stations to stand united and refuse to accept legally-deficient forms.  The alternatives are for one or more courageous stations to take unilateral stands to not accept the advertising until legally-satisfactory disclosure is received.

2) "Arpaio 2016 Fundraising Machine Leaves Arizona's Congressional Incumbents In The Dust For Early 2014 Numbers; Constant Flirting With Governor Run Cranks People Up"

Sheriff Arpaio's campaign manager (Chad Willems) and his MCSO Communications Department (Lt. Brandon Jones) are each pointing at the other guy.  Arizona's Politics asked Willems for the "position paper" that the Sheriff had said he would release in March detailing what he would do if he was Arizona's Governor.  Willems replied that it would have to be retrieved from the MCSO.  Jones suggested it was "political" and therefore, he could not respond.  The only reasonable conclusion is that no such "position paper" exists.

3) "TODAY: D.C. Lobbyists, More Hosting Fundraiser For Ruben Gallego In CD7 Race"

Gallego campaign spokesperson Andy Barr responded to Arizona's Politics that the hosts for the Washington, DC fundraiser this evening were "people that Ruben met while raising money for the anti-Arpaio campaign (last year, the unsuccessful recall, see Arpaio fundraising article above)."  Barr also said that, like Gallego, they have been "actively involved in Latino national politics".

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