Friday, May 9, 2014

THE ALLIANCE: Arizona Congressional Candidates In Swing Districts - Along With One In Wide-Open Governor's Race - File To Fundraise Together (DEAR MOM AND DAD, PLEASE SEND (lots of) MONEY)

It is official: GOP candidates in Arizona's three Congressional swing districts have allied with one of the candidates in the wide-open Republican primary for Governor to hold a (mega-)fundraiser together.

All four candidates are facing primary battles of varying intensity, but the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision demolishing aggregate contribution limits (in McCutcheon ) have made these joint fundraisers the new, big, irresistible thing.  And, in a Republican party that is split between establishment conservatives, Tea Party conservatives, libertarians and others, this type of pre-primary election alliance may become more widespread.

The Statement of Organization (at this link, and reproduced below) lists state House Speaker Andy Tobin's campaign address in Flagstaff as its primary address, and is being run by his campaign's Virigina law firm of Holtzman Vogel.

Interestingly, this JFC only features candidates' committees, instead of including PACs, and/or party committees.  This will mean that individual contributors will be limited to a total donation to the JFC of "only" $19,600, and PAC's can contribute $35,000.

Arizona's Politics will be reaching out to candidates for more information and reaction, and will update as needed.

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