Thursday, May 1, 2014

TODAY: D.C. Lobbyists, More Hosting Fundraiser For Ruben Gallego In CD7 Race

(UPDATED, 5pm: Arizona's Politics updates this article - and, others - here, and at the bottom of this article.)

Ruben Gallego, one of the Democrats vying to replace the retiring Rep. Ed Pastor (D-CD7), is holding a fundraiser in Washington today.  A full lineup of lobbyists and other D.C. professionals are hosting the party at Cure Bar and Bistro.

Gallego easily led all candidates in fundraising before March 31, and is aggressively building his bank account to woo voters in the strongly-Democratic district.  The former state lawmaker is facing his toughest competition for the Democratic nomination from former County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox and state Senator Steve Gallardo.

Today's fundraiser - first reported by Politico - is hosted by a host of D.C. lobbyists and professionals, including two partners at the Podesta Group (one is a founding member of the Hispanic Lobbying Association).  The Facebook invite touts that "Gallego is a son of working-class Hispanic immigrants, a veteran, and a community leader."

(UPDATE, 5pm: Gallego campaign spokesperson Andy Barr responded to Arizona's Politics that the hosts for the Washington, DC fundraiser this evening were "people that Ruben met while raising money for the anti-Arpaio campaign (last year, the unsuccessful recall, see Arpaio fundraising article above)."  Barr also said that, like Gallego, they have been "actively involved in Latino national politics".)

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