Friday, May 16, 2014

BREAKING: $345,000+ Worth Of TV Ads To Hammer AG Horne's Ethics During Next Two Weeks (FOLLOWING MONEY IN ARIZONA'S POLITICS)

(Edited, to correctly state that APIA supported Jerry Lewis in 2012.)

The Arizona Public Integrity Alliance, Inc. is spending more than $345,000 during the next two weeks to question Attorney General Tom Horne's ethics.  As detailed earlier in Arizona's Politics, the ad highlights older Horne issues - "a federal investigation, an inter-office affair, even a misdemeanor hit-and-run" - instead of the newer issues that have become a fixture of Arizona news.

The ads started running today (click here to view), and are currently scheduled to run through May 28, according to public documents filed by KPHO (Channel 5, Phoenix).  Total for the Phoenix market is approximately $345,000.  No word yet on whether the ad is running in other Arizona markets.

The dark money APIA is incorporated in Arizona, and lists themselves as a 501(c)(4) exempt organization.  APIA formed in 2012, disclosed $6,445 spent on robocalls supporting Republican Jerry Lewis in his state Senate campaign that year, and ran ads against Horne this past November.

The ads in November and this month are designed as issue ads, and APIA has not filed reports or disclosures with the Arizona Secretary of State.  Arizona's Politics has asked APIA for additional information and will supplement as needed.

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