Friday, May 16, 2014

ARIZONA POLITICAL SHORTS, May 16: New Ads Attacking AG Horne's Integrity?; Politico Reporter Opens Barber Up, Also Speaks With McSally

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6) From Brahm Resnik (Channel 12, Phoenix): Only on #SundaySquareOff: Whistleblower Sarah Beattie on why she spoke out against @tomhorneaz. 8a/Sun/@12News

5) UPDATE:   The U.S. Senate did finish re-filling Arizona's federal court bench yesterday.  However, the three judges confirmed on Wednesday (Diane Humetewa, John Tuchi and Steven Logan) each received 96-0 votes; a group of Republican Senators voted against the three yesterday.  James Soto received one thumbs down (Sen. Coburn), but Douglas Rayes heard 19 "nays", and Rosemary Marquez received 15. Arizona's Politics has requested an explanation for what prompted the dissenting votes.

Arizona's Politics' report yesterday included video from the Judges' confirmation hearing, written Q&A, and more.

4) UPDATE: Arizona's Politics has posted the new Arizona Public Integrity Alliance ad attacking Horne. 

3) The hits keep on coming for beleaguered Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne (R).  The Arizona Public Integrity Alliance is preparing to run a new round of ads attacking Horne in the wake of developments in several of the ethical probes becoming a pain in his butt.  APIA - which has gone after Horne before - filed an advertising rate request with KNXV (ABC15 in Phoenix) last week.  Arizona's Politics has requested further information and will update as available.

2) Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) filed his required annual financial disclosure statement yesterday.  No significant changes since last year, although he and his wife purchased more Apple stock than they sold during the year; Apple is the ONLY stock that the first-term Senator owns and trades in.  Sen. John McCain typically files his report in a timely manner, but it was not one of the 71 uploaded to the site today.

1) Politico reporter Alex Isenstadt spent time in Tucson with both Rep. Ron Barber (D-CD2) and leading GOP challenger Martha McSally earlier this month, and has a featured article - and, must-read for Arizona politicos - on the site this morning.  Barber opened up more than he has publicly about the aftermath of the 2011 mass shooting and attempted assassination of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords - Barber was also shot at close range and was fortunate to survive.  The article also recounts how Giffords surprised Barber by choosing him to run in the special election.

The reporter also spent time with McSally - identified as the GOP's top challenger (in the nation) - but, obviously did not get anything as newsworthy as the Barber backstory.  (Earlier in the week, Politico featured an interview with the National Republican Congressional Committee's Executive Director Liesl Hickey, in which McSally was the first person that she cited as "a complete rock star."

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