Monday, September 29, 2014

FIRST WATCH: In Micro-Buy, Goddard Hits Opponent For Voting For SB1062 Right To Refuse Service Bill

Terry Goddard began a small run of a TV ad today that hammers his opponent for Secretary of State, Michele Reagan, for voting for SB1062 earlier this year.  The bill sparked a statewide and national debate, finally prompting a veto by Governor Jan Brewer.

SB1062 would have permitted Arizona businesses who did not wish to do business with people (or businesses) who offend their sincerely held religious beliefs to more easily defend their decision.  Reagan voted for it in 2014, and for the identical bill that was vetoed for other reasons in 2013.

The ad features a lesbian couple and their two children.  The parents explain the bill from their perspective, and then praise Goddard for his previous work as Arizona Attorney General.  (The transcript is below.)

Goddard's campaign purchased less than $10,000 in Phoenix airtime for the ad (possibly more in Tucson), according to documents filed with the FCC.

Three Republican Senators did renounce their votes in favor of the bill before the Governor's veto: Adam Driggs, Bob Worsley, and Steve Pierce.

However, Reagan had told the Center for Arizona Policy - the social conservative entity that wrote and pushed SB1062 - that she would support legislation that would protect LGBT persons from discrimination.  In 2010, she answered their candidate's questionnaire by saying "homosexual people should not be discriminated against, nor should they receive special treatment." She indicated that she would support legislation adding "sexual orientation" as a protected class under antidiscrimination law.*

* * *
Transcript of "Fairness" (as transcribed by Arizona's Politics):

State Senator Michele Reagan voted to legalize discrimination against my family with Senate Bill 1062.
Thankfully, Arizonans rallied, and the bill failed.
But, State Senator Reagan voted for that hateful legislation, and stood with those who would make us 2nd class citizens... even at the risk of losing the Super Bowl.
With that record, how can we trust her to be fair as Secretary of State.
As Attorney General, Terry Goddard was tough, but treated everyone equally.
And that's why we are voting for Terry Goddard.

*h/t to Brahm Resnik, Channel 12, for information regarding 2010 CAP response.

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