Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Split Decision In This Week's Battle of the Great(?) Arizona Congressional War of '14 (FOLLOWING MONEY IN ARIZONA'S POLITICS)

The national arms (Armies? Air Forces?) of the two major political parties both filed reports with the Federal Election Commission ("FEC") this afternoon.  The DCCC ("Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee") eased up on the throttle a bit in their attacks on Andy Tobin while the NRCC ("National Republican Congressional Committee" kept rolling Kirkpatrick's baggage.

In southern Arizona, both increased their attack budgets, though the Republicans added a bit more going after Barber.

The NRCC dropped another $376,019 on the "Baggage" ad yesterday, attacking Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D-CD1).  Their total to date in that race is now at $919,710.  The DCCC just produced a new ad that should be hitting the airwaves today or tomorrow, and is spending $367,259 to air it; their total to date attacking state House Speaker Tobin is now $813,578.

In pure toss-up CD2, the NRCC spent $22,000 producing their newest ad against Barber while the DCCC paid $16,000 to play off of Martha McSally's running ad.  The NRCC purchased $175,652 of air time while the DCCC has $158,184 worth of the 30-second spots.  Year to date totals are now $576,310 vs. $476,855, again in favor of the challenging party.

As noted, the party arms budgeted heavily (10% of their national budget) for Arizona's hotly-contested and nationally-watched races.  The NRCC announced $1.95M and $1.0M in CD1 and CD2, respectively, compared to the DCCC's $2.2M and $700K.  (It looks like the DCCC might already have readjusted its Barber budget.)

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