Tuesday, September 23, 2014

FIRST WATCH: NRCC Says Barber May Talk On Fox News, But Still Obama-Pelosi Follower; NRCC Exceeds $1.0M For #AZ02 Race

The NRCC ("National Republican Congressional Committee") has already surpassed $1.0M in total spending on the Arizona Congressional District 2 race in its effort to unseat incumbent Rep. Ron Barber (D-CD2).

Its new TV ad, titled "Loyal", features a clip of Barber on Fox News talking about the need to secure the Arizona-Mexico border.  However, the NRCC cites the facts that Barber has not introduced a border-related bill and that he voted last month against the GOP's appropriations bill to show that he voted against border security and is an Obama-Pelosi follower.

The NRCC spent $24,320 producing this ad, and is spending $188,431.99 to air it this coming week.  Including the $16,000 it paid to the Tarrance Group for polling (not yet released), the NRCC continued to up its week-over-week spending in the pure toss-up CD2 race.

In fact, the new spending brings the total NRCC spend to $1,013,091; the earlier-announced airtime budget was $1.0M.

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