Tuesday, September 23, 2014

FRED WHO? "Independent" Expenditure Committee "Get Ahead With Fred" Puts Up Signs, Signs Up For Defense Of Coordination Complaint

"Get Ahead With Fred" is a new "Independent Expenditure" committee supporting Democratic gubernatorial candidate Fred DuVal.  This afternoon, it notified the Secretary of State that it had spent more than $27,000 last week putting up signs for DuVal.

All of that would be fine.  Except the obviously-single-minded IE committee is chaired by Tim Riester, the "Principal and CEO" of Riester Corp.  Riester donated $912 to DuVal's official campaign committee in February 2013, and that would also be fine. Except that Riester Corp. then promptly began consulting for "Fred for Arizona".

Riester Corp. worked extensively - to the tune of $35,118.57 (some or much paid to third parties for advertising, etc.) through January 2014.

The Arizona GOP Party has already filed a complaint with Secretary of State Ken Bennett, alleging that illegal coordination must have occurred between the candidate's campaign and such a close adviser through the formative stages of the campaign.

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