Tuesday, September 23, 2014

FIRST WATCH: NRCC Drops Baggage In New #AZ01 Ad, Focuses On Boots To Try To Stomp On Rep. Kirkpatrick; $284K This Week

The National Republican Congressional Committee ("NRCC") continues to make its ads against incumbent Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D-CD1) a series, this time focusing on the Congresswoman's boots.

The NRCC first made the much-mocked spot showing the rural Kirkpatrick as a skirt-and-high-heeled figure traipsing back-and-forth.  When Kirkpatrick responded by highlighting her cowboy boots, the NRCC has adapted.

This time, the NRCC takes the footage of Kirkpatrick's stomp, and uses it to suggest that she is stomping on taxpayers with her votes.  Also, this ad is the first time that the NRCC actually shows Kirkpatrick.

The ad highlights a vote on a 2013 Republican measure that was designed to thwart feared carbon tax-like rules from the EPA or the Department of Energy. The law did not pass, and the Administration has not proposed any such rules. It also scolds her for debt limit increase votes and Obamacare votes.

The NRCC spent $20,860 producing the ad, and is spending $264,011.23 airing it during the next week.  To date, the NRCC has spent nearly $1.5M in the "pure toss-up" campaign.

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