Wednesday, April 16, 2014

1st QUARTER CAMPAIGN FINANCE ROUND-UP, #AZ09: GOP Challengers Raise Big Bucks, But Incumbent Kyrsten Sinema Raises Bigger

The two (remaining) Republican challengers to Arizona Rep. Kyrsten Sinema had strong first quarter fundraising numbers, but the incumbent - who is an Ironman finisher - had stronger.  In the contested CD9, the conservative outside money groups have not been pouring money into the campaign like they have against Reps. Barber and Kirkpatrick;  they may be waiting to see if one of the candidates emerges as a strong threat to Sinema.

Wendy Rogers raised $137, 958 in the first three months of 2014, increasing her bank balance to over $400,000.  Andrew Walter lent his campaign $50,000, raised $63,133, and has slightly more than one quarter of a million dollars in the bank.

The first-term Representative pushed her cash on hand to $1,265,532, bringing in $155K from PACs and $250K from individual contributors.

Whether the challengers' quarters will be strong enough to attract independent expenditure monies to resume attacking Sinema remains to be seen.  The Republican primary election is August 26th, and the fun may begin after that.

Note: "PACs" column includes monies raised by joint fundraising committees. Even though much of those funds may constitute contributions from individuals, it is not being included in the "Individuals" column because PACs may contribute to them and because it could permit individuals to donate more than the (still-currently-existing) limit that may be given to a particular candidate by an individually.

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