Friday, April 18, 2014

Christine Jones Unleashes 2nd Wave - Likely Exceeding $100K - Of Ads; Begin Airing Monday (FOLLOWING MONEY IN ARIZONA'S POLITICS)

A 2nd wave of 30-second spots by Christine Jones for Governor will hit Arizona TV viewers on Monday.  Jones has been the only gubernatorial candidate on the air so far, and this new round of ads likely exceeds $100,000.

(Original article regarding the first ad is here; watch the initial ad here.)

No word yet from the Jones campaign as to whether viewers will see the same introductory ad that ran in mid-March; no new ads have been posted on their YouTube page or website.

An FCC filing by KSAZ (Channel 10) shows 30 spots airing between Monday the 21st and Sunday the 27th.  That's slightly more than the previous run, but at slightly less money.  Assuming the ad buy is similar at the other stations (as in the first wave), this new purchase will likely exceed $100,000 (Phoenix and Tucson).

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