Tuesday, April 1, 2014

WATCH: Arizona's Two Business-Experienced Candidates For Governor Release Preemptive Videos Touting Their Business Experiences and Decisions

There are two Republican candidates for Governor who strongly tout their business bona fides - Doug Ducey and Christine Jones.  Today, BOTH released videos playing up their business strengths, and getting ahead of certain-to-come attacks from their opponents.

Ducey was CEO of Cold Stone Creamery for its biggest growth period.  His email today (reproduced below the jump) includes a video of Cold Stone franchisees and others praising Ducey.

In his 2010 campaign for State Treasurer, Ducey's record as Cold Stone CEO, and how franchisees were dealt with,  was strongly attacked - somewhat unfairly (see, Fact Check) - by Democratic nominee Andrei Cherny.  It will likely be raised again by one or more of his primary opponents (if it hasn't already).

Jones was in-house legal counsel and Executive Vice-President of GoDaddy.com.  Yesterday, she was interviewed on Fox Business News by Stuart Varney about the National Security Agency's requests from internet companies, and GoDaddy's response (while Jones was there).  Jones corrected Varney's information and said that she was responsible for GoDaddy NOT cooperating with the NSA.  (Arizona's Politics has not yet completed any further research into that issue.)

Ducey email:

Dear Friend,
It takes a team to drive the kind of success we saw at Cold Stone Creamery. And I am so proud of the team we built at Cold Stone Creamery – from the headquarters staff, to the area developers who helped expand the brand throughout the country, and, most importantly, the franchisees who joined us in our goal of creating the ultimate ice cream experience.
Together, we built a company the right way – big dreams, hard work and great people. But don’t just take it from me. Today, I want to share with you a new web video featuring several of the hard-working individuals who helped make Cold Stone Creamery the Arizona (and American) success story it is today.
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Phoenix Justice said...

A small suggestion, if I may: Include the word "Republican" in the title of the post. It comes off as there are only two candidates, a Republican & a Democrat.

Mitch M. said...

You're right, PJ, thanks. In haste, I deleted the word "business" - that descriptor is the connector between the two videos. There are so many more than two GOP candidates, too.

Phoenix Justice said...

Yes, the "business experienced" makes a lot more sense. And yeah, they have a clown car primary for the Republicans just like they will on the national level for President in 2 years.