Sunday, April 20, 2014

Koch Brothers Aiming At Solar, Worked With APS In Arizona Solar Fight - L.A. Times

Today's Los Angeles Times focuses on the recent Arizona solar net metering battle as evidence of the well-known conservative Koch brothers' setting the "solar industry in their sights".  The article discusses the 2013 Arizona battle in detail, and notes that the fight is currently getting intense in other states, as well.

The article does not necessarily break major new ground - Arizonans already knew that Koch/Sean Noble vehicle 60 Plus had been one of the major advertisers on the APS side of the battle, for example - but it does look at the larger picture.  The article also notes former House Speaker Kirk Adams' involvement.

Energy - petroleum and coal - was the original money-making engine for Koch Industries and continues to be a major driver behind the conglomerate.  Bloomberg reported this week that Charles and David Koch's net worth has now surpassed $100 Billion.

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