Monday, April 21, 2014

Sarah Palin Was In Arizona This Month To See Daughter Graduate From Beauty School - Bristol Moving Back To Alaska

Sometime-Arizona resident Bristol Palin graduated from a Scottsdale beauty school earlier this month and is heading back to Alaska.  Sarah Palin (and several family members) attended the graduation at Penrose Academy on April 8.

The proud mama grizzly Palin posted a picture and message on Facebook - it has gathered more than 137,000 likes. (see below)

Bristol Palin made news when she moved to the town of Maricopa in 2010.  She sold the house a couple of years later and had apparently moved back to Alaska.

The esthetics program she completed this month takes 15 weeks (or, 600 hours), and cost $13,000.  Bristol's sister Willow also graduated from Penrose last year.

In writing about each daughter, Sarah Palin extolled the virtues of trade schools/vocational education.

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