Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Arizona's Straight-Shooting Candidates Invite Supporters To Test Sharp-Shooting...Or, Is That Vice-Versa?

As Scottsdale Gun Club's website points out on its facility rental page, "Where else can you mix a state of the art board room with the ability to fire fully automatic weapons?"  Mark Brnovich, who is challenging Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne in the Republican primary, is holding a "very special event" there in one week.

The invite urges people to "Join us for light appetizers and test your sharp-shooting in the range!"  (Warning: Guard your cocktail weenie carefully.)  (invitation reproduced below)

The invitation arrived in Arizona's Politics' mailbox while GOP candidate for Governor Christine Jones was continuing her tour of Arizona's gun stores.

No word on whether either candidate is looking through the sights and pulling the trigger as they set their sights on statewide office and pull the fundraising trigger.  (Jones, who is self-funding the majority of her early campaign expenses, may not be emphasizing the fundraising as much as her promise to "fiercely defend" Arizonans' 2nd Amendment rights.


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