Saturday, April 12, 2014

WATCH: New Wave of Pro-Democratic Super PAC Ads Hits Arizona Airwaves Monday (FOLLOWING MONEY IN ARIZONA'S POLITICS)

(UPDATE, 4/14, 11:15am: State Rep. Andy Tobin - one of three Republicans vying for the nomination to unseat Rep. Kirkpatrick - just sent a fundraising email to supporters claiming that the new House Majority PAC ad is different than the one previously run, and says it is "attacking me for opposing Obamacare" (emphasis his).  House Majority PAC has not yet posted the ad online and has not responded to Arizona's Politics' requests for a copy.)

With three closely-watched Congressional races and a wide-open and well-funded Republican gubernatorial primary, wave after wave of 30-second spots - most from out of state - have already come crashing on Arizona's shores and viewing devices.

A new round of ads from the mega-Democratic-philic House Majority PAC begins this coming Monday (and is currently slated to last two weeks).  The first round from the Super PAC began in January, to counter the steady barrage that Democratic Reps. Ron Barber (CD2) and Ann Kirkpatrick (CD1) had been taking from Americans for Prosperity.

This new ad buy is for $270,000 in the Phoenix television market, and is likely designed to offset the recent wave hammering Kirkpatrick on Obamacare, from the LIBRE Initiative - a Koch Brothers' funding network member aimed at Hispanic voters.

House Majority PAC is largely funded by unions and George Soros.

No new ads have yet been added to the House Majority PAC's YouTube page, so until Arizona's Politics can verify which ad or ads are running and whether new spots are running in the Tucson market, here is the pro-Kirkpatrick ad that House Majority PAC ran in January/February.  (This ad received some national attention because it did not attempt to defend Obamacare, instead highlighting Kirkpatrick's misgivings about it - "stunning ineptitude" - and how she fought to improve it.)

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Patrick ONeill said...

Actually I think the LIBRE ads are so blatantly racist that they will be counter-productive. The only voters they could appeal to are teabaggers who think that Hispanics are so un-informed that they will believe any ad with an exaggerated accent.